Summer Term 2 week 4

IMG_0635.JPGDear Parents,

What a warm couple of weeks! We are lucky in Year 5 with our air-conditioned mobile units so the children have coped well in the heat.

Last week at school, all children enjoyed experiencing Arts Week. We welcomed visitors and parent helpers to carry out some lovely workshops and activities. They learnt about carnival art to start with and then researched costumes and masks. We also learned some carnival dance moves in a fun workshop. Tie dying t-shirts and making masks was creative and enjoyable for all. We finished off the week studying Romero Britton who is an inspiring Brazilian artist. All the children have designed their own pieces of art wok in a Romero Britton style and created striking masks, which will be on display during celebration evening.

In English the children have started writing their own stories from a different view point based on the story - Oranges in No'mans land. The children have worked hard to put in visual description, details of the civil war and emotive language to give the reader a feel of what it felt like to be a child in that time.

In Maths, they have revisited work on problem solving using the four operations and also looked at solving problems working backwards.

Last week in RE we finished our unit on Freedom and Responsibility, looking at the 10 commandments and people in modern day life who show that they live by these qualities. This week we looked at the religion of Islam, learning about the period in the muslim calendar of Ramadan, Eid and the Pilgrimage to Makka. The children enjoyed seeing how children of this religion in the UK follow and celebrate these events.

Tomorrow is the summer fair and the sun will be shining again. Have a great time, we look forward to seeing you there and at the up coming celebration evening.

Mrs Debenham and Mrs Sandhu


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