Spring Term Week 9

What a fortnight of two halves! Last week we had sub zero temperatures, snow and a closed school for a day. This week it felt like Spring has emerged and although everyone loves the white stuff, the children have enjoyed being able to go outside as much as they should!


Despite the snow, we all thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day on Thursday, 1st March 2018.  The class did some great work for a an English/Art display where they voted to create book cover art, biogs and reviews of one of their favourite authors - David Walliams! They also created their own book tokens for a competition, paired up with Year 3 children to share stories (for some, their own Greek Myths) and of course, went to enormous effort with their costumes.  


They have also been continuing their work on the Ultimate Explorers unit. This week they have worked hard writing explorers guides for new recruits about to embark on a mission to the Amazon Jungle! They thought about all the information and equipment they would need and wrote any advice on surviving the dangers that they might face.

We started last week with a couple of mid-year assessments to put in to practice all the new concepts the children have been working so hard on. We then started a learning sequence looking at understanding percentages, which will carry on to next week.


We wrote powerful balanced arguments about giving time, energy, ideas and material things to others. We evaluated why this is valuable as well as what can be difficult about giving to others all the time.

We moved on to then consider temptation and the temptation of Jesus in the desert.  We acted out the various different ways Jesus was tempted and how he showed strength in resisting such temptation.  We also acted out times that we resisted temptation and how he felt as a result of this inner strength. 


We have looked at Marco Polo - the largest container ship in the world in 2012, named after the famous merchant explorer that the children have been finding out about. The ship arrives at Southampton every 11 weeks.  We discussed the commodities that the UK imports from China and the luxury commodities that the UK export to China.


We have looked at the process of evaporation, planning and setting up an experiment with water in containers around the school. We also learned about thermal insulation in different forms and each took part in a little experiment with oil, icy cold water and their fingers! Ask them to explain the results to you.


We have started out new unit on Frame Structures. The children looked at all different types of frames that can be covered to create shelter. We discussed what they were made of, whether they were permanent or portable structures and how they provide shelter. Next week the children will explore making different shaped frames using art straws.

Finally we hope all the children have a restful weekend before embarking on what we are sure will be an energetic, exciting adventure at Alton Castle. We can't wait to see what you're up to on the blog and then hearing all about it on your return.

Mrs Debenham and Mrs Sandhu


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