Spring Term Week 7

Dear Parents,

Welcome back, the children have had a busy return to school after the half term break but the rest seems to have given them energy and enthusiasm as we have achieved a lot this week!

In Maths the children have been introduced to another new topic, looking at calculating the volume of cuboids and working out the difference between volume and capacity. We brought out the multilink cubes ion order to get a concrete visualisation of the space a 3d shape takes up and all the children did really well. They will get the opportunity to test their new skills in this area with the homework set today.

In English, we were all excited to start a new unit. The children are now looking at information texts with the example text being Ultimate Explorers. They began by discussing what would make a good explorer; highlighting necessary skills and qualities and also what challenges explorers might face along the way. They carried out research on iPads to find more information about two famous explorers and next week they will think about how an information text should be laid out and the features to include to make it interesting.

In RE we carried on with Memorial Sacrifice, looking more closely at how we remember the Last Supper and Jesus' message of the bread and wine in the Eucharist prayers. The children worked exceptionally well re-writing the prayers in their own words, showing real understanding. We have now moved on to Sacrifice and the concept of giving as a sacrifice. The children's homework reflects the work we did today on the different examples of when we give, what we can give, how it benefits others and how sometimes it can be challenging.

On Monday the children really enjoyed finishing their Greek pots by painting them in similar colours of orange, yellow brown and black. The finished results was fantastic and most children were able to bring them home this week so you will have been able to see for yourselves the care and attention they gave to creating them.

In Geography we started our new topic on Fairtrade, thank you to all of you who gave their children products and wrappers with the Fairtrade logo on, they look great on our classroom display. Our first lesson looked at the history of trade, starting with the Silk Road in China.

On Wednesday the children had a great opportunity to take part in a a K-nex challenge. All the children had fun and worked hard on the challenge but congratulations go to Sam and Isla who finished as the overall winners!

Next week is set to be exceptionally cold and I have pleaded with the children who complain about being cold in the classroom to bring in a jumper or cardigan! Please can you do your best to send them in with one. Your support is much appreciated.

Many thanks as always,

Mrs Debenham and Mrs Sandhu


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