Spring Term Week 5

Dear Parents,

The children have worked relentlessly on writing their own Greek Myths over the last 2 weeks. They have been writing in stages and working really hard to edit each stage before moving on. This has taken a lot of focus and deep thinking to up-level their work, they have risen to the challenge and created some really great stories. Next week we hope to get these stories typed and printed to put together a 5S class Greek Myth book so that they children can show off and share what they have produced.

In Maths the children started on the area of Measures, specifically understanding the different units of measures, how to convert them and how to solve problems involving measures. This was a challenge for all of the children but we think they have worked really hard to understand and apply this knowledge.

Across the school this week the children have undertaken special Money Manager lessons, an initiative supported by The Harpenden Building Society. Over the last couple of days 5S enjoyed different kind of maths lessons where they first discussed the services that they and others use in the community and where the money comes from to provide them. It was great to see how interested and engaged the children were to understand this topic. Secondly, we welcomed two members of staff from HBS in the classroom to observe our next lesson. This one looked at how advertising is used to persuade us to spend our money. Again, the children responded so positively to this lesson and after looking at adverts and the methods they use they were excited to do some role-play - trying to persuade a partner to buy a new pair of trainers! Beware their new found persuasive techniques and skills!

In Science the class has been carrying out more experiments for their absorbency topic and in History we have had some superb Magna Carta homework brought in.

In RE the children thought about how it is sometimes hard to work together to spread the word of a mission, even for the apostles. They wrote some very insightful letters from Jesus to the apostles guiding them to spread the work together and how to overcome differences. They also worked as researchers to find out lots of facts of different denominations of Christianity.

There was of course the talk on Alton Castle this week, which the children are very excited about. Hopefully the presentation and letters home have answered most of their questions so, at least for a while, we won't get too many in class!!

Many thanks,

Mrs Debenham and Mrs Sandhu


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