Spring Term Week 3

Dear Parents,

The children have settled in to the new term this week, last week was the first full week back and we had a lot of tiredness following all the excitement over Christmas!

They are all showing great enthusiasm for our English unit 'Greek Myths'. They have worked on lots of the different myths and developed thorough understandings of their meanings and discussed the powerful, exciting language. This will help them when we move on to writing their own myths next week.

In Maths, the whole class has worked exceptionally hard on the new area of multiplying fractions. They worked on developing the use of different strategies with Mrs Sandhu and then over the last couple of days they have really impressed me by applying these strategies to context problems. We look forward to them challenging themselves further in upcoming areas.

In RE the children have carried on their work on Mission. The children brought in some really thoughtful, detailed and well presented homework on charities. They have made a very eye catching display in the cloak room. In class we looked at creating persuasive material to encourage people to join the mission of helping others, through the church and by informing them of the work of their diocese.

In Science they carried out an investigation to test 6 materials to find the most absorbent one. Some great pictures below.





In PSHE we looked at how our breathing can help to relax us. We all closed our eyes and imagined we were in a different place. This helped us to calm down and relax. We did it in stages and observed our breathing throughout the process.



The children have shown real focus and hard work this week, we hope to see this continue for the rest of the term.

Finally, the children have enjoyed the dry, sunny weather over the last couple of days but many of them are still coming in to school without a jumper or cardigan and complaining of being cold in the classroom! Please can you remind them to bring one in.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Sandhu and Mrs Debenham


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