Week commencing 27th November 2017

Dear Parents,

It’s been another busy couple of weeks in 5S, the children all did amazingly well during their cycling training. Well done to all the children who took part and gained their certificate in cycling proficiency.

The children enjoyed doing a special Art activity to put on display in the top corridor and in the classroom with a focus on ‘Winter’. They produced some beautiful paintwork by graduating from white to blue, giving the effect of a bright moon in a night sky then adding some silhouettes using black card.

On Wednesday the children took part in a special French spelling bee. We held an audition bee in class to select our strongest pupils to represent 5S. All children worked hard on practising the spellings, with Noa and Tom being the last ones in, showing exceptional skill. They practised for the real thing with the help of other pupils in the class, so when they won and brought the trophy back to class we could confidently say it was a team effort. Well done guys you were brilliant and thank you to those children who helped Mrs Luckhurst with the organisation of the event.

On Friday in DT the children used vehicle net templates to build 3D card trucks. They then worked out how to connect a small electrical circuit with a weight baring switch and a buzzer for the alarm noise. The children worked well in teams to produce a truck that would sound an alarm if it became over-loaded.

This week in Topic we have received some outstanding homework on Volcanoes and Earthquakes and have put your amazing efforts on display in the classroom. The children have really enjoyed working on this topic and have shown how much they have learned in the work that they have produced.

In Maths the children have continued their understanding of Multiplication methods, consolidating long multiplication, moving on to short multiplication and comparing the two so that they know when it is appropriate to use each method. They have also looked at simplifying fractions.

In English we have started a new topic, which has brought out much excitement.  We are looking at Raps, comparing them to poetry, working out the success criteria and writing their own raps. The children will then be able to perform them next week to the rest of the class.

The children have started the topic of Hope in RE, looking at the period of Advent. They first thought about advent being a period of waiting and they thought about how there are lots of times in life when people have to wait. The children worked in groups to perform short role-plays of when people wait. They took turns to perform these and the class then had to work out what they were waiting for and express the feelings and emotions that would be experienced by the characters. See pictures below for some lovely, and amusing, freeze frames from their role-plays!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Debenham and Mrs Sandhu


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