Week commencing 18th September,2017

We have had a busy week and are all excited about our space centre trip on Monday. Just a reminder that your child needs to be in school at 8.15am with a packed lunch.

In RE We have learned about prominent people whose love of God and peaceful actions, have inspired and changed the lives of others.  These have included several Nobel Peace Prize winners.  We marked the International Day of Peace on Thursday and have reflected on ways to bring people together at school and in the wider community, by recognising our common humanity.

In English We have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to read (and watch online performances of) Michael Rosen's poems. Inspired by his work, we have written free verse poetry, re-enacted humorous scenes and discussed the underlying serious issues running through some of his work.  We have begun our new class book, “Christophe’s Story”, about an eight year-old asylum seeker from Rwanda.
In Maths we have been looking at ordering decimal numbers and understanding the place value of each number.

In Science we have continued to explore the fascinating topic of the Earth, Sun and Moon.  We have learned why the Moon appears to change shape in the sky and how the Earth orbits the Sun.  We have discussed how the tilt of the Earth causes seasons to occur and many children have become particularly interested in the occurrence of lunar eclipses.  More information on this can be found on this website: Lunar eclipse

In Geography we have continued to discuss topical climate issues and in order to deepen our understanding, we have looked closely at one child in The Gambia and how the process of desertification has changed his life.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs Sandhu and Mrs Debenham


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