Welcome to the 5W Blog!

We have all settled in really well to 5W. The children are working hard and enjoying their new topics.

In Science we have been finding out about the size of planets and how far away the Earth is from the Sun and Moon. We had good fun last Friday creating a model of the distances on the playground using a gym ball, marble and pea! The children used a trundle wheel to measure the distances. We were amazed at how far the Earth is from the Sun and in comparison, how close the Moon is. We're looking forward to our school visit to The National Space Centre in Leicester later this half term.

In PSHE today we thought about Britain and what it means to be British. The children came up with lots of positive things about living in this country, including our Education system, our history and diverse landscapes. We went onto think about the rights of children in this country and if all children's rights are met. We watched a short video about two sisters who are livin…