Week ending 13th July, 2018

Dear Parents, 

As our final week draws near in Year 5, the children have continued to work hard. We are sure you all enjoyed the wonderful production on Tuesday. The children did amazingly well in such a short period of time. Thank you for your help with the costumes.

On the last few days of term, the class caterpillars had begun to form into chrysalides.
Mrs Sandhu kindly babysat them over the half term holiday and took the following photos of their transformation into butterflies.

After a few days in which the butterflies wings strengthened, we released them into the Butterfly Garden next to the Prayer Garden.  Some butterflies confidently flew above the trees and school roof, while others were more reluctant and needed some encouragement to leave their net home and spent a few minutes resting on flowers.

Our pea shoot harvest has been small but successful and we are looking forward to harvesting some potatoes next week.   

Maths - The children have revised area and perimeter t…

Summer Term 2 week 4

Dear Parents,

What a warm couple of weeks! We are lucky in Year 5 with our air-conditioned mobile units so the children have coped well in the heat.

Last week at school, all children enjoyed experiencing Arts Week. We welcomed visitors and parent helpers to carry out some lovely workshops and activities. They learnt about carnival art to start with and then researched costumes and masks. We also learned some carnival dance moves in a fun workshop. Tie dying t-shirts and making masks was creative and enjoyable for all. We finished off the week studying Romero Britton who is an inspiring Brazilian artist. All the children have designed their own pieces of art wok in a Romero Britton style and created striking masks, which will be on display during celebration evening.

In English the children have started writing their own stories from a different view point based on the story - Oranges in No'mans land. The children have worked hard to put in visual description, details of the civil …

Summer Term 2 - Week 2

Dear Parents,

Welcome back for the final half term of the year! We have a lot of exciting things happening but we are not losing focus on our every day subjects. We still have a lot to cover and want the children to be a strong as they can be before moving on to Year 6!
In English we have carried on with our work on the book ‘Oranges in No-man’s land’. The story has been building up and the children have worked really well on comprehension of the different parts and understanding the powerful and emotive language used by the author. They will now start to write their own stories.
In Maths the children have been introduced to the subject of Imperial Measures and being able to measure in these values and also compare and find equivalents to metric measures.
In RE we have started our next unit, which is ‘Freedom and Responsibilities’, the children have discussed what freedoms they have, why they have them and what dangers or responsibilities come with these freedoms.We then moved on to l…

Fire lighting 5S

Today the children were set a challenge to light and manage a fire and be able to cook something on it. We have had a fun afternoon learning about fire safety, what is needed to make a fire and most importantly how to stay safe around a fire.
We hope you enjoy the photographs below.

Summer Term 1 Week 4

Dear Parents
This week the children have been really busy fitting everything in to a shorter week.
In English they spent time finalising their game products and their pitches in their unit ‘Pitch It’. Despite some last minute amendments, they were able to present confidently to a panel of special visitors from the world of toy manufacturing. We and the visitors were extremely impressed with the items that the groups have developed. They commented on how unique they were and how viable they were, saying that they could see all of them selling well on their toy shelves. They were also impressed by the research and testing that they were able to talk about. We can definitely say that they children enjoyed this unit and learned a lot about developing a product from an initial idea to point of sale.
In Maths, the children have revisited division with remainders, developing their skills in written methods. They then applied this to solving problems. They will consolidate this through their ho…

Summer Term 1 Wk2

Dear Parents,
The children have settled really well in to the new term and have enjoyed starting all of their new topics and units. We have been extremely lucky with the weather on our swimming days and the class have loved walking to the pool and back and have had great sessions so far. Thank you to the parent helpers.
In English, it has been a very busy and exciting topic, with the children working together in groups to create a game or toy for a younger age group based on well-known stories. The groups have all worked incredibly hard on this so far. They have written questionnaires, interviewed their target audience, written and performed a practice pitch and made their games. All of this hard work will come together when they present to a panel of toy manufacturers and buys next Friday. We are certain the panel will love their ideas and creations.
In Maths, the children have been introduced to the concept of measuring angles and understanding whether they are acute, obtuse or reflex…

End of Spring Term

Dear Parents,

We have had a very productive end to the spring term and the Easter holidays have approached very quickly! Last week the children worked extremely well in their respective groups for the fundraising afternoon; organising themselves, bringing in all the required equipment and managing the stalls. We were really impressed with how seriously they undertook this activity.

In English the children finished off their Ultimate Explorers unit by creating hand written guides, complete with pictures, titles and blurbs, which have made a great display. They then moved on to a short unit where they were Word Detectives, looking at and investigation different spelling patterns and rules such as hyphens, homophones and synonyms.

In Maths the class worked on percentage word problems, putting all their learned percentage knowledge in to practice by solving problems and even writing their own. This week they looked at nets of 3D shapes.

In RE we completed our unit Sacrifice by looking at …