Welcome Back!

It is great to see everybody safely back after half term, energised and keen to learn.  This is always a very busy time of year as we lead up to Christmas.  Now, with our class assembly only two weeks away, we are starting to rehearse and get our props together.

In class, we have finished reading our English book "Oranges in No-Man's Land" which the children have thoroughly enjoyed.  The book gives the children some insight into the difficulties associated with living in a war-torn society.  It has helped them to see this from a child's perspective and identify with their plight.  To finish this unit of work, we will now do some extended writing, telling the story from the perspective of another character.  It will be challenging but meaningful and give the children an opportunity to demonstrate some of the higher level grammar and vocabulary, that they have learned, which we know will enhance their written work.

In PE, we are beginning to learn and create som…

The National Space Centre

Friday 19th October 2018

Our Science topic, "The Earth, Moon and Sun", really came to life today! We were lucky enough to spend the day at The National Space Centre in Leicester. 

On arrival we were most impressed with the transparent building, catching a glipse of the enormous rocket stationed inside. We had great fun exploring the galleries with our adult, enjoying hands on exhibits and models. A highlight has to be the "We are Stars" show which we watched from above in their in-house planetarium. It really felt at points as if we were travelling through space and time! 

Our day finished with a workshop which furthered our understanding of the movements of the Earth and Moon in space. The children really impressed me with their answers, showing me how much they've learnt in our lessons in school. 

A BIG thank you to our parent helpers and Mrs Fisher who accompanied us on our trip. And thank you also to the children for being so well behaved and polite throughout …

4th October 2018

Thursday 4th October 2018

We are delighted to tell you that all of the children who were participating in the Cycling Proficiency scheme, passed Level 1, and nearly all of the children passed Level 2.  Mrs Luckhurst and I were thrilled at the way the children participated wholeheartedly and showed great maturity and responsibility.  Riding a bike is one of life's little milestones so it great to know that the children will be able to get fit and in the future possibly cycle to school or work.  Just remember to keep your bike in good repair and always wear your helmet!

This week has also been an active one with the children taking part in a House fitness afternoon. The children did brilliantly and collected lots of points for their Houses.

In class the children are settling down to their work and we are focusing on some of the basic errors that can affect the quality of a  piece of good writing.  Full stops, capital letters and speech marks should be fully embedded by now.  Please enc…