Escape the Room And Building Boats

What a fantastic time we had today, solving a series of puzzles locked in various compartments of a box.  The time constraint and the tenacity needed, made this a very tricky challenge.  Year 5 worked together as a team to solve the clues and unlock the box so that we could escape the room.  Some groups nearly succeeded but sadly they ran out of time, but a wonderful time was had by all.
Yesterday, the class had an amazing opportunity to watch and help build a fibre glass model boat.  Mr and Mrs Hansen, who prepared and led the activity, gave the children a unique opportunity to see the this happen.  Wow! What a week!


This week, for the first time, we have had Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament taking place in school.  Father Michael, kindly came on Monday to spend time with all the classes.  He explained about the monstrance and the living present of God in the Eucharist, we then all had time to pray and reflect in front of the Eucharist.  This was a very holy and special time and we were delighted that the children got time to do this.

On Wednesday afternoon, we celebrated Ash Wednesday Mass which was a very beautiful Liturgy, marking the beginning of Lent.  The children presented their Lenten Promises during the offertory and they are now striving to keep their promises, based on prayer, fasting and charitable works.  As Christians, these are the areas that we are all asked to focus on during Lent.

Next week, Year 5 will celebrate their own class Mass, which will take place in the school hall.  We have prepared carefully for this Mass, thinking about the Intercessions and the Penitential Rite th…

Alton Castle

Where do we begin?!! What an active, reflective and memorable few days we had at Alton Castle. 

We were blessed with the most beautiful weather for the duration of our stay which did make all the outdoor activities that bit easier. From the moment we arrived, the children were busy exploring the grounds, finding their dorms and then straight into their first physical activity. It was wonderful to see the children get involved with such enthusiasm. I was so impressed with their abilities and attitude - never giving up and always trying their best. We rock climbed, learnt how to shoot an arrow, trekked the surrounding area, lit fires, built shelters, rode mountain bikes (up a very steep hill!!) and so much more. Meal times were welcomed and we were treated to good food and tasty puds!!

The team at Alton were fantastic! The leaders provided clear instruction, thoughtful reflections and heaps of motivation! They also helped us to prepare for a beautiful mass that we celebrated on our final …