Summer Term 2 - Week 2

Dear Parents,

Welcome back for the final half term of the year! We have a lot of exciting things happening but we are not losing focus on our every day subjects. We still have a lot to cover and want the children to be a strong as they can be before moving on to Year 6!

In English we have carried on with our work on the book ‘Oranges in No-man’s land’. The story has been building up and the children have worked really well on comprehension of the different parts and understanding the powerful and emotive language used by the author. They will now start to write their own stories.

In Maths the children have been introduced to the subject of Imperial Measures and being able to measure in these values and also compare and find equivalents to metric measures.

In RE we have started our next unit, which is ‘Freedom and Responsibilities’, the children have discussed what freedoms they have, why they have them and what dangers or responsibilities come with these freedoms.  We then moved on to looking at the story of Moses and the 10 Commandments.


On the last few days of term, the class caterpillars had begun to form into chrysalides.

Mrs Sandhu kindly babysat them over the half term holiday and took the following photos of their transformation into butterflies.

After a few days in which the butterflies wings strengthened, we released them into the Butterfly Garden next to the Prayer Garden.  Some butterflies confidently flew above the trees and school roof, while others were more reluctant and needed some encouragement to leave their net home and spent a few minutes resting on flowers.

Sadly, one butterfly died before the release date and has been buried in a paper coffin and a flower pot which is kept on 5C's RE table as a memorial.

In computing the children started their new topic ‘We are bloggers’. They found out what blogs are, who uses them and how they target specific audiences. They then worked in pairs to think of a blog subject of their own, the features they would include and they wrote and read out some very persuasive opening pages!

Next week is Art week so all of this half term’s lessons will be done across the week, allowing the children to really focus and delve deep in to their specific subject.  They will also have the opportunity to take part in a variety of workshops put on by different visitors and organisations.

Many thanks

Mrs Debenham & Mrs Sandhu


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